• The interested Customer who wants to use the FGN ’s Free Freight Software must have official email id (personal email ids – gmail, hotmail, yahoo and other ids similar to this are not eligible for registration).
  • Free Freight Software users are by default becomes the member of FGN and eligible for it’s free services and offers.
  • Free Freight Software will display the Advertisement of other Shipping & Logistics partners around the world in the interest of building a platform that helps Freight forwarding network.
  • In future, Free Freight Software Customers can upgrade to it’s full-fledged commercial version of Fresa Xpress or Fresa Gold with the free migration cost and initial discount to have cost effective business operation and a strong software support. Contact FGN’s technology partner Fresa Technologies at [email protected] for more details.
  • Free Freight Software version of this free & limited users will only be available as a hosted service. No source of deployable code/software would be given to you.
  • Training documents and videos are available for you to use Free Freight Software to its full potential. Additional online training provided at additional cost, contact [email protected] for more details.
  • Modification or customization to the Free Freight Software not available for this free/limited users version but suggestions are welcome. Free Freight Software support team will review these suggestions and would consider for future enhancements that meets the following criteria.

   i) If it is a useful feature for a wide range of Customers.

   ii) If it is an important feature to handle the freight forwarding function which is not available in the current version.

   iii) Not a feature of its commercial version.

  • The changes will be available in the next periodic version upgrades. Free Freight Software Customers are entitled for one time discount of 10% on all of FGN products and services on their first purchase.
  • All Free Freight Software Customer’s data privacy and confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with Data Privacy guidelines you have agreed at the time of registration with FGN.
  • Feel free to reach out to our Support –[email protected] for clarifications and help.
  • One user will be given with full privilege to use all options of Free Freight Software. You can avail additional users upto 5 with payment of $10/month (paid for a year at the beginning of the service) for each user that includes the feature of report download in excel format.
  • We request you to visit our official site of FGN to understand the benefits of offerings as well as the Free Freight Software sites.

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